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Our Products

BRONZER :: ​Bronzers have ultimate deep bronzing capabilities in vitamin-rich, non-tingle, dark tanning formulas that produce both instant and long lasting color. There are two different bronzers you can choose from; Natural and DHA. Some bronzers have a cosmetic color to them which shows in a "brown" color this washes off with water but your beautiful tan will be underneath. 

​​ACCELERATORS ::  Go from dark to even darker with a DHA, Cosmetic, and Tingle FREE Lotion. With increased hydration, natural ingredients and high skin care, these lotion are great for any tanner. 

TINGLE/ BLUSH/ WARMER :: An immediate blushed glow and slight reddening will occur when more oxygen reaches the skin triggering deeper melanin production. Tingle lotions are formulated for tanning professionals who crave a deeper and darker tan that helps break through that tanning "plateau". This formula is made with or without bronzers. Please wash your hands after you use a Tingle, Blush, or Warmer lotion since this product can be transferred.

Long-lasting color starts after you tan. Use a tan extender moisturizer after you tan every day or every other day for increased tanning color and to help extend the life of your tan. These moisturizers are great to fill in those days you just can't make it in to tan.

TWILIGHT TEETH :: Whiten your teeth while you tan or at home in just 20 minutes or less. No aftertaste, easy to apply under $40, about 30 uses.

Whether you're looking for that just walked off the beach look or a light sun-kissed glow, you can trust your Tanning Professionals at Tanning Cove to help you find the right level bed and tanning products for you. Tanning Cove offers 4 different levels of UV Tanning and multiple ways to purchase your tans with Tanning Packages & Tanning Memberships. We carry the best Tanning Lotions from Devoted Creations, Ed Hardy Tanning & Designer Skin to give you the Perfect Tan and skin protection. We also offer Teeth Whitening while you tan & Spa Fusion Moisturizer for after you tan. For Tan Smart Tips click here.